So what’s so good about Eco-Play material?

Premium Feel

Eco-Play fabric is soft, tactile and light.

Natural Comfort

Eco-Play fabric feels like premium material that it is, and you deserve to be comfortable on court!

Less Water

Bamboo rarely needs additional water beyond rainfall to grow.

More Gear!

Water wastage is a major concern in fabric production, and making our Eco-Play fabric from 50% Bamboo Viscose helps us produce less thirstily!

Less land use

Bamboo takes 10% of the land to produce the same volume as cotton.

Bamboo grows real fast!

This is because bamboo grows so quickly, the same plot can be reused far faster. Apparently because of its unique rhizome-dependant system. Someone smarter than us explained it once but….

No pesticides needed...

Bamboo thrives naturally, and doesn't need help from pesticides.

Or fertilisers.

Which is just good news for the surrounding ecosystems really!

We’re RepresentTennis.

We’re a brand by tennis players, for tennis players. Starting with our range of training tees, we plan to expand into a full dedicated clothing range and make a difference whilst we do it!

How do we plan to do that? Well we’re a dual heritage brand, produced and tested in Indonesia and designed between the two countries. Our first port of call was in using ‘greener’ fabrics in some of our designs – and that’s when our dual-source bamboo/cotton material – ‘Eco-Play’ was born! We’re passionate about being an eco-responsible brand and promoting and researching better fabrics for both your body and the planet.

All of our practice tees are tested in the gruelling heat and humidity of Bali, Indonesia, so they can handle the sweatiest training session in the UK!